Big & Dirty had a shiny 2014 with releases from Starkillers, First State, Lunde Bros, Megaphonix, Bass Kleph just to name a few. To keep things interesting, the label has a new release coming up January 19th with a name that is completely new and unheard of. Known as D.A.F., he introduces himself and the label’s first release of the year with a absolutely crispy tune.

The track “All The Ravers” sets the tone of enticement with a soothing guitar melody. The drop throws in the electro house synths and the perfect kicks Big & Dirty are renowned for. It commands crowds to tag along in┬ájumping to the rushing rhythm and massive momentum of every second after you hear its impeccable energy. The breakdown replaced guitar for more electronic synths, but keeps the same melody to remind them that the song is nowhere near done.

Although plenty of mystery is surrounded over the identity of a brand new artist to EDM to a brand new year, one thing is certain. D.A.F. will be making a big impression this year if he/she/it continues to create music at the same high quality as this certified banger.