SikDuo from New York hits us with a new track, and even better, it’s a free download. This track is percussion heavy, and that is the type of stuff we like. The kind of drums that get inside your soul, have you bouncing around before you even know you’re doing it.

Make sure you hit play on this track before reading any further.

Feels those drums. Feel them hard.

It isn’t simply drums that drive this track to start a fire. It is the other sounds that build in and prepare for a very hard drop. So hard, it is almost impossible to prepare.

This is island. It is jungle. It is straight horns and screams and booty shaking paradise. A simple beat, but one that makes you move so hard that you will spill your drink and pour with sweat as you try to keep up with this hard and heavy jungle beats.

Just listen to the words of the soul shaker, asking if you like it rough, if you like it hard. You do. You like it both of those ways. So feel those drums and bounce around to this guaranteed crowd pleaser.