Around the time of August last year, Finland’s musical genius Lenno crafted an incredible single titled “Wake Up” with vocals provided The Electric Sons. To follow up with this progressive house jewel and to tie up the year, he released¬†a handful of remixes from big names (including Arty, Chromeo, Caribou, etc.) and released his latest four-track EP also titled ‘Wake Up’. However, the EP also saw a remix EP that released on January 9th with what can only be described as a spectacular remix of Lenno’s work.

The one and only Maor Levi takes all the credit on the emotionally elevating rendition he invests in his most recent remix. Although both the original and Maor Levi’s take are progressive house, they take on starkly¬†different approaches. Where Lenno created “Wake Up” to be bubbly and joyous in sound, Maor shakes things up with trance-like drops and growls infused with the synths to add the extra kick to make this song prepped for a crowd of thousands. The vocals are left perfectly in tact as they should be and the melody is barely altered that it leads listeners to almost think of this remix as more of an edit. Yet, I sit here playing this remix over and over and hear the lines of plucks and drums added that make it evident that more effort was placed in this tune than what you can hear in its first play.

Beatport link: Lenno – Wake Up (feat. The Electric Sons) [Maor Levi Remix]