This post begins the third round of Fresh Face Friday. Ahhh. I’m so excited! We’ve completed round one which was in the House genre, then we had a cycle of Dubstep and Drum & Bass. And this round is going to be a complete free for all. A draw from a hat. Instead of limiting one specific genre for the entirety of the round, we have decided to mix it up a little bit and change music categories each week so that we can illicit a little spontaneity. To start off the competition, we are featuring three extremely well done remixes.

With that being said, here are your picks for Fresh Face Friday this week.

ClimaxBeat’s remix of “Hadouken” by Zeds Dead

Andrew McWhinney is from Calgary, Alberta. Primarily producing in the Dubstep and Drum & Bass genres for 4 years, Andrew has experimented with multiple genres across the EDM spectrum including Trap, Electro House and others. Although he takes influences from everything he listens to (EDM, alt rock, jazz, etc.), Andrew’s main influences in the world of EDM today include Haywyre, Au5, Tomsize, and Skrillex. His style is a fusion of both uplifting, inspiring melodic elements and distorted, energetic basslines. His favorite part of production is being able to express his love of music through his own unique creations (sound design is his 2nd favorite, though).

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Candym&n’s remix of “You Found Me” by The Fray

Currently a junior at school in CT, I started making mashups sophomore year of high school and producing my freshman year of college. I grew up listening to everything from orchestral stuff to heavy rock, and would cite my main influences ranging from Hans Zimmer to Alesso, Mako, Michael Brun – you get the idea. I mostly focus on film work with an emphasis on editing and post production, but love making music and devote my free time to it as much as possible. You Found Me was one of those tracks that took 2 nights to get 80% done and 12 months to finish, so hope you all enjoy it.

Candym&n on Facebook

Emrik Wilzon’s remix of “Adrift” by Palladium featuring Bianca Varela

In a plethora of dance infused sounds and emotional vocals, Emrik takes this great track from Palladium and turns it into his own work of art.

Emrik Wilzon on Facebook & Twitter

Hope you enjoyed the contestants of this week in Fresh Face Friday. Take a minute to vote and enter to win a Your EDM shirt for doing so. See you soon!

Congrats ClimaxBeat!

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