Toolroom Records has been on our radar quite frequently as they’ve been pushing some amazing new music to kick off the year, including collaborations between label leaders Mark Knight & Adrian Hour, along with a full length album, ‘Toolroom Mexico‘, dedicated their residency at Mexico’s BPM festival, which received a very special mix from Thee Cool Cats. To continue their celebration of Mexico, Toolroom has launched their next edition of the Poolside series, titled ‘Poolside Mexico‘! It’s a sensational album that is likely to thaw you out from this freezing winter and fill you with the warmth and comfort Mexico has to offer.

Similar to previous ‘Poolside‘ releases, this compilation features a beautiful stack of tracks that will leave nothing but a smile spread across your face. It includes selections from some of the industry’s top artists, like Tube & Berger, Lane 8, Viceroy, and Satin Jackets, as well as some newer names you’ll grow fond of, one being Ben Macklin. His mesmerizing single, “Dare”, includes the lovely vocals of Emma Brammer that will have you in a blissful trance. This album also features one of my personally favorite tracks, “Slow Burn”, which was composed by Durante and Chuck Ellis, originally released by OWSLA’s Nest. Everything about this track is flawless and truly solidifies this album as a gem in the library of Toolroom Records.

Listen below and be sure to grab a copy of ‘Poolside Mexico’ on iTunes!