Bass music fans, rejoice. Holland-based DnB duo June Miller’s third release on Andy C’s RAM Records is coming, and it’s awesome.

The EP, titled Ups & Downs, is compiled of 4 original and complex tracks, opening with the title track featuring Anouk Visee and T & Sugah. The song begins with Visee’s hauntingly beautiful voice over a deep beat, and builds up into a series of well crafted breaks and chopped vocals before fading seamlessly into the most anticipated track from the EP, a collaboration with Mefjus titled “Saus.” It starts off dark and intense and then dives right into ridiculously heavy beats that make me wish I owned higher quality headphones. Next up is “Bad Brains,” which has a killer intro and tons of energy. Finishing up the solid EP is “The Promise Ring,” with seductive vocals and clean percussion – take a listen below.

Coming from a punk/hardcore background and taking inspiration from a multitude of unique sources, June Miller almost transcends the genre. This EP truly shows the versatility of talent that these two possess. Take a listen to the teaser minimix:

The EP is available for pre-order on iTunes now, and will be released on January 18th.