It’s going to be difficult to one-up the huge year that DnB had in 2014, but if anyone can do it, it’s Phace.

Last year saw album releases from all over the DnB world, including four albums from Hospital Records artists, albums from Icicle, Mefjus, Ulterior Motives, State of Mind, and more. This year will likely see a similar spike in albums, and unless there’s a surprise release coming in the next month, the first one out of the gate is going to be from Neosignal artist Phace in March.

The 14-track album is more of an expression of Phace‘s pure love for the genre than any kind of wild conceptual idea.

“This record wasn’t calculated or über-conceptualised. The writing process was spontaneous, I let inspiration shape that and the recording sessions themselves. For me, art has to be original and arbitrary, almost random and not just functional – a strange science so to speak!” PHACE

Hence the title of the album, Shape The Random. The album is out March 16th.

PRE-ORDER the full album here: