Black Tiger Sex Machine are back with their first release of 2015. The Funeral March EP contains 3 very diverse, different and creative tracks quite unlike anything you’ve heard from these tigers before. “Funeral March” which shares its name with the EP is a somber yet heavy atmosphere driven trap song that gets progressively harder and harder before erupting. “The Future” sees the trio pairing up with electro veteran Haezer in a joint effort that results in something that resembles big room but has the pounding energy and sound of electro house, it’s something you really need to hear for yourself to understand. Rounding off the EP is “Hardcore” a Drum & Bass track that tones it down a little in contrast to the previous 2 songs but also contains that certain degree of darkness that BTSM have become known for. As a whole the EP is a brilliant creative venture and a strong start of the year for Black Tiger Sex Machine.