The Swedish double trouble team Dada Life have been circulating all over the EDM-blogosphere with the whole laptop/Dada Death nonsense. In the midst of this crisis-publicity stunt, many fans more interested in the music rather than the drama may have missed out on three out-of-this-world remixes of the duo’s latest single “Freaks Have More Fun” out on their label So Much Dada. Each remix from the likes of LOUDPVCK, Bixel Boys, and Jakko take the original into polar directions from the other and from the original track not only through selected genre but in production style.

The first of the three that saw release was from the trap duo LOUDPVCK and deliver an insane rendition to Dada Life’s electro tune. They blow the roof of the original by firing away with snares and slowing down the rhythm leading to a spectacular drop. This remix utilizes precise, glitchy noises and melodic horns in all the right ways giving this song a freakier edge than its predecessor.

The next remix comes from another L.A. tag team that have grown considerably huge over the last year. Although there was a little dispute over a preview sent out that missed a deadline, the full track in all its glory finally saw a release that leave fans like myself completely satisfied (and a little relieved) with the outcome. The Bixel Boys contest with their groovy tech house remix with swooping synths and a lighter than light guitar melody for added flavor. The vocals are left in tact with added emphasis to make them sound darker (almost demonic) making this song excellent for the dance floors of clubs across the world.

Last, but certainly not least, is a progressive house facelift that comes from Brazilian producer Jakko. With this remix fans who wanted a more uplifting melody and a synth-driven tune get what exactly what they dreamed of with this remix. In a manner that gives this tune a stellar vibe, Jakko redesigns the original melody and the drop to deliver a drop that feels like a cyclone. What makes this remix so impressive is how similar in genre it is to the original and yet how completely different the result is.

Give each remix a listen and decide which one is your favorite.

Beatport: Dada Life – Freaks Have More Fun (Remixes)
Bixel Boys Remix
Jakko Remix

Photo credit: Rukes