It’s been a very long wait, and I honestly didn’t think he’d be coming back.

But just like Feed Me returned from his hiatus, and the SHM members are doing their own thing, Benga has risen from the ashes of his previous, and rather short-lived, “retirement” to announce a new upcoming record and single titled “Shut It Down,” a collaboration with UK-vocalist Sam Frank.

Benga, who is one of the most prolific names in dubstep and one of the names who really catapulted the sound to stardom, along with Hatcha, Skream and others, announced in February 2014 that he would quit DJing to start a family with his fiancée Holly-Jae Treadgold. Though, just a couple months later in May, he revealed that he would still be working on production in order to “finish an album that has been worked on for the last ten years.”

It seems like that day is finally here. Expect a huge new Benga album in 2015. And although his last album, Chatper II, was met with some less-than-favorable reviews, I think it’s safe to say that we can put that behind us in anticipation of new material. I can’t f*cking wait.

P.S. Does this mean new Magnetic Man, too? Skream is still doing his disco thing, so it’s hard to say. But man… wouldn’t that be neat?


Image via DenFran