Straight off the success of their latest EP, Fuel To The FireTerravita are back with another head-banging record titled Gunpowder.

I have the pleasure of premiering one of the tracks from the EP, “We Can Do It Too.” Terravita have developed such an intensely unique sound that I’m often worried whether it will eventually get stale. It’s kind of silly though, seeing as my fears have been dissuaded each and every single time. Aside from the characteristic gritty basslines and occasionally Jon Spero’s vocals, the group have a way of infusing classical, jazz and other orchestral elements into their music. “Bach Off” is probably the most extreme and most observable example, but it’s present in many other tracks, as well.

At the risk of utterly disappointing my Music Appreciation teacher from freshman year in college, I’m going to say that the intro to this track is taking influence from bossanova, but seriously, do not quote me on that. The press release describes it as “drawing on classic dance elements of the past like funk and 1960’s Psychadelic rock,” though as always, the interpretation is up to the discretion of the listener. Regardless of its origins, the slightly old-hat sounding effects – the subtle vocal sample, the bouncy bassline, and CASIO-esque synths – are an extreme juxtaposition to the actual meat of the track, another typical characteristic of the Terravita sound. The drop is dirty and unfiltered, a direct look into the soul of Terravita’s sound. This is probably Terravita at their most bare, their most stripped back, and it’s honestly scary. Like, this is a horrifying sound they’re putting out here. However, they’re always grounded in some type of overarching sound, and as soon as that intro comes back 2:17 with the bassline and all, it’s clear to see how they’ve cemented themselves as one of the premiere bass acts, and why Firepower Records puts so much faith and resources into their work.

The Gunpowder EP comes out tomorrow. Pre-Order the EP on iTunes here: