If you were planning to throw a festival featuring some of the most environmentally and spiritually conscious artists in the world, Costa Rica would be an excellent spot to do it. The lifestyle of its people, accompanied by the rich vibrancy of the rainforest, have been known to breathe life and love into even the most stone faced and petulant of all human beings. It’s a place that makes caring for the planet a no brainer, and encourages the evolution of sustainable existence, both spiritually and physically. This is exactly why Envision Festival has become and remained one of the best places in the world to immerse yourself in a diverse community of like minded artists who want to encourage a positive change in our way of living; all while having more fun than you can shake a stick at.

So if you fancy yourself a hippiefied basshead, I recommend you put down the coconut milk and hit the interwebs; because the Envision staff has just announced that the festival will be returning to Uvita, Costa Rica on February 26th through March 1st of this year, and tickets are already almost gone. This time around, Envision will feature four stages and a massive lineup of over fifty artists that is sure to inspire more than a few plane tickets from festival heads around the globe. Although glitchy, downtempo EDM is very prevalent in Envisions lineup, the festival features music from everywhere and everyone. From Polish Ambassador & Bluetech, to Groundation, Dimond Saints, and some of the worlds best Cumbia groups, Envision promises to have something for pretty much everyone.

The festival is located in a proverbial sweet spot, where the beach meets the rainforest. So naturally, there will be a myriad of things to see and do when you’re not grooving out to some your favorite artists. Yoga, surfing, meditation, & hiking will all be available during the festival, as well as an abundance of visual art by the many renowned graphic and performance artists that Envision attracts each year. Anyone that finds themselves getting tired of bros, noisey club bangers, or big room house, and still wants a festival adventure to be in the cards this spring, this might just be what you’re looking for.