As more and more producers abandon the “thump thump” of traditional electronic music, however you may interpret that, the possibilities for greater innovation expand at an exponential rate. It soon becomes commonplace to take influence from classical, indie singer/songwriter or even punk productions.

Keegan Tawa was “originally a classically trained chamber saxophonist [and] has been immersed in music all of his life. By sixteen, he was performing with a jazz quartet, later travelling with a Reggae-Rock band. after he began to study electronic production, Tawa chose to learn the fundamentals of being a DJ in order to showcase his original music.” As evidenced by the Sunlight EP below, those skills and fundamentals have been put to excellent use.

Making near-instrumental EDM, similar to Tülpa, the scope of the EP varies wildly from fusing natural instruments, vocals and somber, slow-paced music. Three of the tracks are even under two minutes long, but there’s a continuous mix at the beginning of the EP that helps to make sense of it all. The beauty of the whole piece comes out even more brilliantly when it is all woven together.

You can pick up the music on Bandcamp, but as always, please support the artist with whatever you feel is reasonable.