Last week we featured some awesome talent in our Remix week of Fresh Face Friday. And to begin the second week of our third round, we want to welcome some future Trap lords to the segment. From festival trap and all around the spectrum, we thought it would be sweet to feature some up and coming artists that have an emphasis in trap, or have picked up a past-time hobby of producing in the genre.

Take a minute to listen and vote for your favorite artist of the week. Have fun!

M∆KESHIFT – Flashbang

I’m originally from Fort Collins, CO but I grew up in California; so a lot of my inspiration comes from artists like gLAdiator. But I’m also influenced by the array of underground house artists supporting our culture. I don’t limit myself to a genre, hell, ten genres, I find music is the most efficient emotional outlet for me; what I make depends on what I feel, not how many likes or reposts I think it’ll get. Whether it’s for fun in the club or a lonely rainy day, music is limitless.

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Farmhouse – Tragedy

Always been a guitar player at heart, I started to learn how to record through years of being that guy in the band that cares way too much. Making demos and programming drums to send to my singers ended in me building up my production chops. Nowadays I’m playing sax to try to jump start some more musical growth and adjust my style to include some “Pre 2000’s” music influences. This track obviously has none of that, this was a 5 day experiment tossing together a bunch of my sound design efforts.

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Rzgold – Champagne Papi

Rzgold is a duo from LA consisting of Andrew, the rap nerd son of a legendary Bay Area rave DJ, and Taylor, the half Korean soccer chick who’s been an all star freak dancer since 7th grade youth club nights. Though they both grew up in the Bay during Hyphy’s peak, it wasn’t till needing a distraction from their mindless 9-5 job in LA that they met and started making music. Bonded by a love for Weezy, Bay slaps, and turning up at Team Supreme and Athletixx events, the mixture of club and hip hop influences came naturally to their productions. One side sexy, one side sweaty twerking in the club till 4am, rzgold is bringing Bay Area trunk rattling to the LA beat scene. 

<3 rzgold

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There it is! Hope you had fun. Drop your favorite a vote to advance them to the next round!

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