Max Graham wears many hats. Sometimes, he’s the uplifting trance warrior; other times, he’s a menacing techno villain. He can even be a groovy, deep house aficionado. All of these are brilliant, the result of 15+ years in the music industry. His Cycles compilations are works of art; perfect examples of musical journeys fans always want to be taken on. This year’s Cycles 6 is no different: a 19-track excursion through Max’s wide variety of tastes.

Though he is a man of many strengths, it’s important to note that Max Graham’s mixing is some of the best in game. Just as he does in his weekly Cycles Radio broadcasts, this mix is absolutely seamless, each song transitioning gracefully into the next. While Cycles 6 seems more tame than past compilations, the overall complexity remains throughout. Fans who need more bass to get them going will groove to Dema & Maride Saraceni’s “Knob.” Those who appreciate a quicker tempo for fancy footwork will enjoy the midsection of Cycles 6, tracks like “Return to Sender” by Itzaia & Sopik, or “Dark Dancer” by Rick Pier O’Neil. There might not be any tracks as sinister as Mark Sherry’s remix of Max’s “Evil ID” from Cycles 5, but instead there’s Alex Di Stefano’s “Black Panther.” This year, Max selected only two of his own tracks for Cycles 6; “Redemption,” an original track, and his remix of Solid Stone‘s “Not Enough” featuring Jennifer Rene. It’s brilliant to see how the track selection changes from each Cycles compilation to the next. As Max Graham’s musical tastes evolve, fans’ musical libraries grow alongside him.

Cycles 6 is out now on Armada Music. Listen to the mini mix above and purchase the compilation through Beatport or iTunes. Don’t forget to catch Max Graham on the North American Cycles 6 Tour beginning January 30.