The Oculus Rift has to be one of the coolest and most innovative pieces of technology to come out in the past few years. The potential of virtual reality is massive and no one really knows its limits yet, but a man by the name of Byron Mallet is helping to find those limits. Being incredibly creative and crafting a way to place and control music using motion sensor embedded gloves, Mallet has found a way for the Oculus Rift to make music truly tactile. Pensato is what Mallet has dubbed his music controller, which is made for exclusive use with Ableton live.

“In order to interact with Ableton Live, Pensato functions like a music hardware controller,” Mallett explained to Ableton. “This allows me to capture the entire Session View of Live, including all the tracks, clips and device parameters that can be controlled as part of a performance, and turn them into virtual controls.”

The gloves use Razer’s Hydra technology to essentially make them a controller, almost like a launch pad in some sense. In a lot of ways, Pensato is still a rough idea and not something yet ready for widespread use, but the idea alone and the potential behind it is very exciting and something I can’t wait to see finished in the future.

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