Lil Boosie has been elevated to superstar status recently in the world of music, and here is just more proof: an incredible trap remix of his biggest tracks of 2014, “Crazy.”

Two of the most innovative artists in bass music have combined forces for a bootleg remix of Boosie’s anthem, and they delivered ten times harder than expected. Brillz, the taste-making trap phenom behind “TWONK,” and Snails, the founder of “Vomitstep” and a favorite up-and-comer of Skrillex (who he is collaborating with right now, as Jack U), come together here in spectacular fashion. Featuring powerful, characteristic growls and a throbbing bass line, the simplistic percussion rides perfectly alongside the incredibly catchy verses from the young rap god.

Through and through an incredible rendition…

But brace yourself for the drop, it will blow your sub & your mind simultaneously. Bump it for free.

Follow Brillz: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter. Follow Snails: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter.

If you’re in Australia, you’re in for a treat. Grab tickets for Snails‘ upcoming AUS tour and check the dates below:

Feb 13th | Bang Tidy (HQ Main Room) | Adelaide
Feb 14th | Villa Nightclub | Perth
Feb 18th | Cassette Nine | Auckland
Feb 19th | Dux Live | Christchurch
Feb 20th | Chinese Laundry | Sydney
Feb 21st | Biscuit Factory | Brisbane