After yesterday’s Ask Me Anything from the founder of Governor’s Ball, and the news that deadmau5 would be performing with an all new stage setup this year, it seems that deadmau5 himself decided to surprise the community with an unannounced AMA. The event was so unexpected that the thread had merely 150 comments in the first hour, but not too long after word spread and now it is up to nearly 8000 comments.

There’s a lot to go through, but thankfully reddit has a great sorting system to show the best answers and questions.

1. Joel is still apparently touchy about being called “deadmaufive”

deadmau5 ama 1

2. Deadmau5 would like to play his older songs but feels that set times are too constraining

deadmau5 ama 2

3. He feels that perhaps his lack of connection to a community has allowed his creativity to flourish

deadmau5 ama 3

4. Though, he will still sign things for his fans

deadmau5 ama 4

5. To begin on a journey to production, it’s best to learn an instrument first

deadmau5 ama 5

6. It wouldn’t be an AMA without someone asking deadmau5 about the Skrillex troll


7. coz Madeon


8. Who wants him?


These answers really only scratch the surface of the free-for-all Q&A, though. If you’d like to read the whole thing head over to reddit right meow.


Image source: /u/awildsketchappeared