I like it when producers do genuinely nice things. I’m a nice guy myself, so I know how good it feels to make others happy.

Diplo recently did a nice thing by visiting a fan with leukemia. Carnage shot $10,000 out of a cannon. (Whether you think it was genuine or not, he did it and people left with more money than they had when they came in.)

Now Zedd joins that elite group of nice guys by acknowledging a fan on twitter who has recently gone through some major knee surgery, but is looking forward to Zedd’s Counterpoint set. The conversation quickly went from normal fan interaction to surreal, “oh my god is this really happening?” when Zedd tweeted at Counterpoint to get young Carter Mackenzie into the festival for free.

zedd counterpoint nice dude

Twitter and EDM go hand in hand, as the community aspect of both platforms have given fans (essentially) direct access to their favorite producers. And when producers and fans can talk without constraint, amazing things happen.