We all remember the incident with Diplo and Taylor Swift right? The one that left Taylor fuming about her “small butt” and caused Lorde to step in and out Diplo for being immature. Well apparently, what seemed to be all love and fair for publicity turned into a bitter battle that has Diplo “fearing for his life”.

“It sucks for me, because now I have to not be as crazy as I am on the internet. Which totally sucks, because it’s not going to be fun anymore. But the repercussions are really bad. Like, Taylor Swift fans are really crazy. They threatened to murder me and stuff. It’s really bizarre, and disgusting. They’re the worst people in the world. And I’m a pretty big fan. But they’re like ‘I wish your kids had Down syndrome.’ They’re so evil. I dissed Lady Gaga before, and the gays were never even this mean. They’re funny. These people are like mean-spirited, evil human beings. I’m not a politician. I shouldn’t have to be under the microscope for people like that. [Taylor] has like 40 million Twitter fans. Forty million! Yeah. It’s crazy. I’m a fan though.”

Diplo had a recent interview with GQ magazine, in his interview he mentioned something about knowing all of Taylor Swifts “secrets”. Secrets in which he feels have put his life in danger. He told GQ, “It sucks for me, because now I have to not be as crazy as I am on the internet”. This is an attempt to avoid a situation┬álike the one he is in now in the future. He told GQ that “Taylor Swift fans are really crazy”, “they threatened to murder me and stuff” – “it’s really bizarre and disgusting”. All of this because he dissed her booty way back when, I suppose.

But what really has Diplo in fear, is the secrets he knows about her but cannot divulge. “Taylor Swift is very strategic with her friends and enemies”, “and I know lots of secrets” says Diplo. “Her powers, she’s strong, and I’m scared, scared for my life” says Diplo.

Taylor Swift is very strategic with her friends and enemies. And I know lots of secrets. I can’t divulge, but I know a lot of stuff about her. And she’s definitely, there’s definitely scary stuff going on. And I’m scared. I’m scared for my life.

What is going between these two that could possible have Diplo afraid? Maybe as a global power in music she does have some, “monsters under her bed” and secrets of the industry – but what did poor little Diplo do to deserve this. Either way, for publicity or not, as it stands the two are not very fond of each other and it has become clear that Taylor Swift is not to be crossed.

Source: GQ

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