The Music Ninja co-founder Clayton Warwick has partnered with web development and advertising agency LRXD to create a revolutionary, new music streaming service with an eye towards humanitarianism. Aptly named Cadence & Cause, it is a first-of-its-kind music streaming platform designed to bring together fans and musicians with deserving causes and charitable projects to quantifiably change the world.

Think of Cadence & Cause as a crowd sourcing service, paired with a music streaming platform, and a Kickstarter all in one. Musicians have the opportunity to represent a charitable cause and donate music, merchandise, signed goods, or a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Fans are then given the opportunity to purchase those same items with all proceeds going to the charitable cause that the artist is associated with.

Warwick hopes that this new platform will lead to a new, steady revenue stream to help support issues that the world is faced with daily.

Though specific details about the platform are still under wraps, some exciting soon-to-be-announced artists have already hopped on board and will be helping spearhead the growth of this revolutionary platform that is being revered as an extremely positive direction for the industry. Access to the beta is limited, but our exclusive code will get you ahead of thousands of users. Just enter “CadenceYourEDM” and your email at and you’ll be one of the first to join this revolutionary platform and make your mark on the world.