How do you spell Calvin Harris? if you answered J-o-e-l Z–i-m-m-e-r-m-a-n you might be the person that accidentally shipped Calvin’s double platinum record award to Deadmau5’s doorstep. This morning Deadmau5 shared on twitter a picture of a wrapped double platinum award given to Calvin Harris for his collaboration with Florence Welch “Sweet Nothing.” Admittedly this isn’t the most ground breaking or exciting news but it did give me a good laugh reading it earlier today as i was killing time on twitter. Joel also shared his further sense of humor by posting to instagram holding the award with the caption “@calvinharris while someone might get fired at 360 for shipping errors… I’d still like to thank my fans for this double platinum album 🙂 sweet!.”

Also if you’re looking for more deadmau5 related news, you’ll be interested in knowing that Joel will be bringing his trusty mau5 robot companions to the Guvernment finale tonight. That, on top of a promised special performance and 20 minute version of Strobe, Deadmau5’s set at the infamous Toronto venue will be one for the ages.


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