If you’ve ever wanted to see the proclaimed number 1 DJ in the world but have yet to have the chance, well you’re in luck as Robbert van de Corput, better known as Hardwell, is currently live streaming the first performance of his I AM Hardwell tour. Straight from the Ziggo Dome in Netherlands, Hardwell is kicking off the second season of his self-named tour by letting all his fans partake in the two hour journey that is a Hardwell performance. In case you missed it, Hardwell also recently released his debut album titled “United We Are” which received mixed responses from fans and media alike. You can read our review of one of the more infamous tracks off of the LP, “Sally”, here: How Hardwell Ruined a Track By Adding Lyrics

You can grab tickets to one of Hardwell’s performances here

Image Source: Rukes.com