With the popularity of vinyl at an all time high (within the past two decades), the demand for record players and turntables has skyrocketed. And with great demand, comes great innovation. Great, and expensive.

That’s where the people at Transrotor come in; their Artus FMD model is the most expensive turntable in the world. This supremely sleek new-school music box costs $132,236, and the only thing heftier than its price tag is the equipment itself. The Artus FMD (pictured below) measures roughly 4 feet high and 5 feet around, with a weight of 485lb. According to the manufacturer, it has 6 standard features: solid aluminum/acrylic body, cardanic suspension, platter weight, free magnet drive, and a special rotor ring & power supply created by Transrotor.


This isn’t the only piece of insanely pricey equipment that Transrotor produces either. At current count, there are 22 products listed for sale on their website, as well as information on services and distribution. Check them out if you have a spare minute, they’re all very cool.

[Source: edmsauce.com]