Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you must have heard that last night was the final night of Toronto’s infamous The Guvernment, and who better to close the venue than deadmau5 himself. Joel Zimmerman, Canadian DJ and producer extraordinaire delivered a performance for the ages, with custom mau5 robots at his sides and a synthesizer-ridden DJ booth. For the special event, Joel decided to steer away from the habitual laptop/Ableton configuration and instead performed his songs and tracks live with the help of synthesizers straight from his studio. Now unfortunately the event wasn’t live streamed and sold out rather quickly (for a pretty steep price), so if you weren’t in attendance you sadly weren’t able to experience any part of the show. Thankfully the internet exists, and that means RIPs and YouTube potato-quality recordings exist aplenty. What we’re going to do for you is scour the web throughout the day and continuously update this article with more videos of deadmau5’s memorable night. Below are some of the few we’ve found already so be sure to check them out.

At this point in time we have yet to find the elusive but highly sought after 20 minute version of Strobe (found only a 6 minute version for now), so if any of our readers attended the event and recorded it, please do share it with us. I can guarantee everyone would love you for it.

6 minutes of the 20 minute version of Strobe

Playlist of tracks played by deadmau5


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