One of the meccas of dance music in the world, Tomorrowland, just released information about their 2015 installment. Slated to be hosted July 24th-26th in Belgium, Tomorrowland is making a big comeback this year and will open up ticket sales to the world February 7th, 2015. Travel packages will also become available on the 7th, while international travelers can register for the tickets already here.

Ticket sales and festival dates aren’t the most interesting announcement, however.

Tomorrowland is usually known for their festival style artists with a slight mixture of all tastes of electronic music. Now, Tomorrowland is trying something new with the announcement of their first artist, The Symphony of Unity.

The Symphony of Unity, otherwise known as the National Orchestra of Belgium, will be playing this year’s Tomorrowland on the Opera Stage on the 26th. The move to mix orchestras and electronic music is like weaving two different worlds together with both having very opposite roots. Combining the beautiful power of orchestras with the technical precision of electronic music could end up being an unlikely but fruitful match… Only time will tell.

You can check out the artist announcement below and don’t forget to order your tickets here.


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