The last Hospitality night in Los Angeles featured what was probably the most special appearance of the year – Mat Zo’s return to spinning DnB as MRSA. Coupled with headliners Fred V & Grafix and an opening set from LA-local Roxanne, it was the perfect introduction to the UK DnB scene for the criminally under-educated masses of LA.

Tonight marks the second installment of Hospitality in the City of Angels, and with the success of the first, they were able to bring a much bigger lineup this time around. Headliner Logistics will likely bring in a large bulk of the patrons, but you would be mistaken to miss any of the other talent, including Blacklab, SMOG’s Flinch, or young Virginian Flite and certainly Atlantic Connection, whose final album recently dropped. And of course, the whole night will be hosted by LA’s favorite DnB MC – Dino.

In advance of the show tonight, I was able to talk to Logistics about his hopes for the night and why DnB is so gosh darn magical.

Are you excited to be headlining the second ever Hospitality LA show?

Absolutely, I can’t wait for it! I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now. It’s always a lot of fun playing in LA and from what I’ve heard, the atmosphere at the last event was amazing.

Do you think the presence of Hospitality in LA will spark a new love for DnB?

It impossible to say but I really hope so. I think it’s important to bring in new listeners because ultimately they’ll be the ones who hopefully move the music and the scene forwards in years to come.

The first LA Hospitality set the bar very high with Fred V & Grafix and MRSA. How are you planning on topping that?

Well I have a lot of new music that I’ve been working on including quite a few exciting collaborations so I think those will help. There’s also a tonne of incredible new music from other producers that has come in over the last few weeks so I’ll dropping those as well. I tend not to plan too much in advance but I feel confident that the music I have with me will do the trick.

What’s your favorite thing about producing drum & bass?

That’s a difficult question to answer as there are so many aspects of it I love. If I had to name one thing though, I love the way you can pack so much energy into it rhythmically. Personally, I don’t think any other genres have the energy and impact that drum & bass does.


Tickets are sold out online, but there are still a limited amount at the door. Get all the details you need HERE.