While many Swedes undoubtedly tout dominion over the EDM realm, there are still a hefty amount doing their own indie thing. Take Swedish alternative dance duo, La Décadance, for example. Their music is subdued and mellow, no big festival bangers present.

Their latest single, ahead of an EP due out in spring, is titled “Adrenaline.” It reminds me of a very ’80s, synth-centric era. That reverb vocal is a telltale sign, but so too is the lead synth. The progression of the track feels very organic, as if to say, “I’m not in any rush to get anywhere.” It glides along at its own pace, and lulls you into following along.

This song is best experienced with some noise-cancelling headphones, and just losing yourself in the song for the brief five minutes. Then, I recommend you play it again.