Although my favorite labels are Firepower and Never Say Die, I challenge myself to dig through all genres and pick out the gems. My absolute first love is DnB, but I will play Hucci & Stooki Sound’s “Ball So Hard” like nobody’s business; I’ll even get down to some OVERWERK and Kavinsky from time to time. One of the genres of music that I’ve found in my adventures is a sort of instrumental, orchestral ambient style, something you might find in a movie score or soundtrack, characterized by El Ten Eleven or Holy Fuck!. Varien and Le Castle Vania both have scored movies, and Skrillex has even done sound effects for a Transformers movie, so obviously, the skill from electronic music carries over.

The newest producer to enter the fray in this dangerous genre is SirensCeol, a 21-year old producer from San Francisco. He released his debut LP The Method To The Madness last year and followed it up with The Method to Love EP, and now he brings us what might be his most daring work yet, Memories of a Distant Past.

The debate around the word EDM rages on, in terms of semantics and applicable sounds, but let me tell you right now – this EP might be made electronically, but it is in no way EDM. This EP contains four tracks, simply titled “Part 1-4,” that attempt to simply evoke a basic emotion in us all. These are strictly instrumental pieces with no absurd synths or erratic basslines (with the exception of Part 4) – you could call it classical, even, it really doesn’t matter. In the end, the important thing to consider is how you will approach this EP and how you will let it touch you. For while it is short, its goal is broad and vast.

I know that so many producers are trained musicians, and I know that if everyone could just ignore the trends that something really, really magical could happen within electronic music. It doesn’t have to be like this EP, but to ignore the immense potential that is within electronic music is an affront to the true fans and an egregious misappropriation of a producer/musician’s true talent.

You can donate to SirensCeol for the EP on Bandcamp, or you can download it for free here. As always, please try and support the producers with whatever you can.