Dawn Golden.

By now, you should have a large, throbbing melodic bass boner going on. But wait, there’s more!

Dawn Golden… remixed by Illenium. *gasp!*

The original version of “All I Want” is a beautiful piece, worthy of anyone’s respect. It’s tagged as a “sad banger” on Soundcloud, and I can see that, but I think it’s also hopeful. Either way, the drums and the piano and everything and anything in that track makes the pleasure center in my brain buzz with excitement. Now, Illenium has remixed it, made it just a tad more dancey, and opened it up to a whole other audience.

The remix is beautifully brilliant, in both its simplicity and grandeur. The simplicity of the intro, keeping it in close to the original, while the drop comes far earlier than the original and is much more pronounced and powerful. I don’t really think I need to state, once again, how Illenium is amazing or incredible or criminally underrated. But I think I just did.