NextGen Records has been busy lately. Much like The EDM Network, they’ve been branching out and opening up more unique genre-directed Soundcloud accounts, including hardstyle, trance, and chill.

This particular track, coming from Apstract and titled “Glimpse of Forever,” is the debut track of the Chill label, and it’s difficult to say whether NextGen could have picked a more perfect track to demonstrate what the “Chill” side is going to be all about. The tempo is slow and deliberate, the vocals are haunting and powerful, and the bassline glues it all together in a booming wonderland of piano chords and synths. Featured vocalists Nathan Brumley & Charlotte Amadea harmonize brilliantly, you can almost imagine them in the studio with pained expressions and eyes closed tight, singing with all their might.

I’m excited to see what else the Chill side is going to bring out, because this is one hell of a start.

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