In today’s overly saturated dance music world, people are spending their time and talent adhering to trends, always trying to make the next best track in whatever genre is popular at the time. Artists that stand out, however, are not always the ones that remix tracks to remain relevant. Rather, artists who stick true to their love of music and who make tracks for themselves are the ones whose passion shines through in their art. One of the best examples of these artists today is Porter Robinson, who has consistently released some of the most influential and distinctive tracks since he first began producing. His most recent album Worlds, which may not be a unique genre to music as a whole, was filled with a brand new and remarkable sound for Porter; it was truly an album that emanated from his own passion.

That being said, if you’re going to remix Porter, you better do it well, with passion, and full of feels. Many artists attempt to create a masterpiece out of a masterpiece, but not many are able to incorporate such a sense of feeling as Disco’s Over has in their latest remix of “Goodbye to a World.” Although, that’s to be expected coming from a duo who bleeds love and zeal into every beat they touch.

Disco’s Over manages to capture the listener with a beautiful intro and holds their attention for the full six minute remix, something that is difficult to accomplish in the day and age of short attention spans. Their remix incorporates a unique and distinctive sound, surprising the listener throughout to make sure they never become bored, all while maintaing the essence of the original.

Disco’s Over‘s remix of Porter Robinson‘s “Goodbye to a World” evokes a sense of emotion, liveliness, and tranquility all at the same time, something not very many tracks are able to accomplish.

Perhaps the best part is that short, subtle ode to Porter’s cathartic track “Language” spotted at 4:30. Bring on the feels by checking out this remix below and clicking here for a free download.