Oscar Wylde and pal are at it once again! Fresh off the accusations the duo copy & pasted Jackal’s drop to “Chinchilla this past November, the notorious track-thieves this time have their upcoming February 10th release on Dim Mak, “Rave Police“, in the center spotlight for also copying and pasting a drop to a sample pack found on the producing site, LoopMasters.com. Where using loops is not necessarily illegal, it is definitely frowned upon for being lazy, especially from a “world renowned” producer duo such as Caked Up. For a look deeper into the issue of loops, head here.

The video below, posted by Evix who originally discovered the similarities, goes on to call the group “truly pathetic” and asks electronic fans to help expose the cheapskates for who they are. Take a listen for yourself and chime in on the comments below.

[H/T: EDMsauce]