In a new exclusive interview on BBC Radio 1 the renowned Martin Garrix unveils a great deal about his come-up and the overwhelming reason for his success: unaccredited productions (aka ghost productions).

We hear from his management, the boy himself, and music critics all over the world about how the boy-wonder truly is the future of EDM on a festival scale. Rising from #40 to #4 in a meager year on the DJ Mag poll, Garrix is an animal.

Check out the full hour-long interview; and I encourage you to go into it with an open mind. Martin Garrix is a hyper talented producer and has an extremely bright future.

Danny Howard uncovers the secret formula that has made Martin Garrix one of the biggest superstar DJs in the world right now, aged just 18.

We hear from fellow DJs Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Julian Jordan, NERVO, Mistajam and Scuba; and meet RJ, Martin’s childhood friend from Holland. Martin’s manager, Watse, reveals the strategy behind his UK number one ‘Animals’ and describes how he knew from their first meeting, when Martin was aged just 15, that there was something very special about him.

Martin himself tells us how he feels about the fame, the fans and the haters – and how he now regulalry hangs out with Tiesto, the man who first inspired him to be a DJ. Journalists from the UK and US describe how EDM music has exploded in America and why Dutch DJs seem to do it best. Martin also lets Danny in to a secret about what he does with all the music he can’t release under his own name and explains how a certain Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Beiber, is helping him build an even brighter future.

HT: Magnetic Mag
Photo by: Rukes