In a recent interview, I learned how strong Dani Deahl‘s core values were as both a journalist and a producer. But her TEDx talk provided much more insight into her upbringing and how her ideologies involving EDM were shaped. TED is a lecture series ranging from arts, psychology, science, cultures, and much more, that has spawned a series independently run Tedx Talks in cities around the world. People like Tim Exile and Mark Ronson have also presented at TED on behalf of DJs, ┬ábut Dani’s blend of dance music and social issues was the first of its kind. Though it’s entitled, “Women, STEM, and EDM,” her speech is a must watch for any EDM fan. She touches upon gender inequality amongst DJs, sexism, and even inspires aspiring female DJs to indulge their curiosities and try their hands at music production. Check out Dani’s TEDx talk below: