It’s hard to find words for Ilan Bluestone these days. After a breakout year that resulted in multiple hit singles, two EPs, and debuts in most major US cities, Ilan has been a serious force to be reckoned with. He’s keeping the momentum going with the release of his 2-track Tesseract EP, featuring “Tesseract” and “Lighthouse,” the latter having both a club and intro mix. Hearing “Lighthouse” brings back a wave of memories from October’s ABGT100, where Bluestone began the ceremonies with this track. Fans who were lucky enough to experience this event will remember the anticipation from the opening chords of “Lighthouse,” the incredible tension gathered during the crescendo, before the lights flashed to life at Madison Square Garden and the show began. Even without the setting, the feeling that something great is about to happen still rings true in this song. His ability to build is unmatched at Anjunabeats right now, as he does the same in “Tesseract.” If the name really is a nod to the  Marvel comic books, then Ilan Bluestone completely delivers, since this tune is powerful from start to finish.

The Tesseract EP is out now on Anjunabeats and is available for download exclusively on Beatport. Ilan Bluestone’s North American Tesseract Tour begins this Friday in Minneapolis.