The Buygore Show has been roaring through the country since mid January and still has plenty of stops left, from Las Vegas to Canada. Headlined by none other than Borgore, the tour is exactly as the namesake implies: a showcase of the hottest sounds coming from the Buygore label.

We grabbed a few spare minutes to quick-fire some Q&A with Borgore shortly before he took stage and brought the house down.

What is the idea behind this tour?

Going on tour I want to show everyone. Every DJ on this tour is a fucking incredible DJ, incredible musician. I’m enjoying seeing how they tear up every city we go to.

You’re bringing a lot of diversity to the crowd. It’s not just the same genre all the way through.

No, not at all. Dude, one genre is boring. We’re past that shit.

Your previous album, as well as the one you did with Buygore [artists] are both a departure in that sense. Have you noticed your fanbase widening after diversifying your sound so much?

You’re always going to win some fans, lose some fans. Especially when you make bold moves. In general, I think that if you don’t like one of my songs there’s still other songs that you can relate to.

Is there a story behind “Can’t Squad With Us?”

We were going on tour as Buygore. A lot of people are talking shit as usual, and I’m still here, and we’ve sold out almost every single show of our tour so you can’t fuck with us, you can’t squad with us.

You know, Taylor Swift copyrighted ‘this sick beat.’ I think you should get on that.

There are so many things I could copyright. Bitches love cake, I’m a nympho…

Who is an artist that inspires you right now?

Bach. Sebastian Bach.

What are some songs you’re really enjoying right now?

I love jumping on whatever is the hottest hip hop track. I’m in love with the “CoCo” is big. I just heard that new Rae Sremmurd “Come Get Her” ’cause she dances like a stripper, or something like that. I like it, it’s pretty funny.

Do your dancers get health insurance? I’m sure those poles get pretty slippery.

Oh dude, they’re troopers. They’re like Cirque du Soleil on the pole.

What’s next for you?

We have a bunch of releases. We have a release in April with Armada.

At least here in Chicago we’re looking forward to seeing you at Spring Awakening.

Dude, I’m so happy. This year I’m doing the main stage.


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Shot by: Georgia Modi Photography

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