The wheels are currently in motion at Apple as they look to shake things up in a major way. It seems the tech giants wants a bigger hand in the music industry, bigger than just iTunes, the world’s largest online music marketplace. As music streaming becomes increasingly popular, Apple realizes that it needs to step its game up to compete with Spotify, which boasts 60 million monthly users. Though they’re playing their cards close to their chest, it’s clear Apple is planning something big. First, they acquired Beats Electronics last year for $3 billion. It’s also leaked that they’ve been meeting with executives from all the major record labels, and on Sunday news broke that legendary BBC Radio 1 Presenter Zane Lowe would be leaving the company to join Apple for an undisclosed position. Still, even a company as big as Apple faces challenges. Apple Radio is practically an afterthought in the streaming competition, as Spotify, Pandora, and even Rhapsody are more popular. It must also find a way to finally break its famous barrier of iOS-exclusive content. If Apple really wants to be apart of this race, it has to reach across the aisle instead of alienating Android users. Current speculation puts Apple’s announcement around the summer, which coincides with their annual Keynote Address.