There’s a saying that goes, “A producer is only as good as his studio.” Or maybe there isn’t. It’s very possible I just made it up right now. Either way, it has some ringing truth to it. Besides the exceptions that make the rule, such as the Skrillex myth that he made My Name Is Skrillex EP in an abandoned warehouse with one broken speaker, it holds some water. Just look at Noisia’s studio or, hell, even Paris Hilton’s. (Though remember, kids. It’s not about what tools you’ve got, but how you use them.)

In the past four days, Brooklyn DJ Danny Tenaglia has been sharing numerous photos of his 6500+ sq. ft. loft in Manhattan. This large and impressive loft/studio has even been the site for a Boiler Room session in the past, but now it has become a little too much for Danny to handle all on his own. He says he has not had a subleaser or renter for the 11 years he has had the property, but that is now changing.

I’ve been leasing the loft all by myself for 11 years now and have “never”, not once rented or sub-leased! But it is becoming more and more costly and after even more recent construction I’ve decided to start renting out the “Recording Studio Room AND the DJ Room” (separately or as a package deal) with the original sound system from Vinyl, Shelter, Body&Soul, Nasa, etc, re-installed and updated by GSA after I purchased it. My intention is to rent This “Loft in Paradise” out only to very serious and professional minded Artist, Producers and DJ’s that would like to produce their works in a great environment as well as rehearsing their DJ skills on a Real Feel Nightclub system with “no neighbors” (or siblings, or me) to complain either!
Clients can record their personal SoundCloud or Podcast sets and even make videos of their sessions by bringing their own cam devices.

The rest of The Loft will BE considered as “DT’s Lounge” with all access! *Except Rooftop when not supervised and weather permitting as well as utilizing record collection.

I would not BE in attendance and for the most part I would choose to not BE there except to meet and greet, give a personal tour, introduce to co-workers and let you Be Yourself comfortably. Also pending I am in town. This is all preliminary and we are currently working on a proper plan to get this ball rolling ASAP. As of yet there are no ideas for cost and rates. This is all being worked on as there are many ways a Studio can BE rented i.e., hourly, daily blocks and lockouts, also package plans for all access. But this is much more than a simple recording studio for rent. (blush) …

So for now, if you have any other related questions feel free to write/comment/reply here and I will do my best to stay on top of this and reply personally but for “serious inquires” please contact my very dear friend and studio manager Sebastian Manuel – Recording Engineer, Programmer, Producer, Artist at: [email protected]

Having a production studio like this would be a dream for so many producers. However, considering it’s facing Manhattan and with all of the room it allows, it likely won’t be terribly cheap. Not good for the producer on a budget.

Either way, it looks like a really dope spot. Check out some of the pictures below.

[foogallery id=”115689″]