Whether you care or not, every news outlet has been gushing over Zedd and Selena Gomez‘s relationship. The pair have turned heads everywhere, including some prime real-estate at last night’s Academy Awards ceremony. But even a trip to the Academy Awards couldn’t keep Zedd from tweeting his excitement for his first track with Gomez, which is officially out today. “I Want You To Know” is the latest in his string of pop/EDM crossover tracks. Though it lacks the vocal power of his previous releases with Foxes, Hayley Williams, and even Matthew Koma, Zedd’s production value is consistently strong. Still, Selena Gomez’s vocals make this a hit, not just from her star power, but from her vocal range that allows it to be a quick and easy sing-along for everyone. I suggest you learn to get used to this track because it will  be all over the airwaves for the next few months, adding a few more record-breaking stats to Zedd’s already monstrous career. However I’m curious to see what else this new pairing can put out. “I Want You To Know” is a good start, but the world knows what Zedd is truly capable of.

Listen to the track below and pick up a copy on iTunes today.