Daniel D’artiste was hired on to produce Jaden Smith’s latest EP entitled This Is The Album. From this 7 track album there is a song entitled “Moon In My Room” which features sister Willow Smith, Mickey Rourke’s notable voice-over sample as Marv from the great Sin City flick, and the beat in question.

Over 3 months ago, Louis The Child, the nu-disco/future group hailing from the Windy City, released their officially sanctioned remix of Oh Wonder’s “Body Gold”. Here is the original track:

Here is the official remix, which you can clearly hear introduces a new twist and the beat in question:

Finally, here is Jaden and Willow Smith’s original track produced by The Pyrvmids and Daniel D’artiste:

Is the Smith’s original a clear rip of the lead synth Louis The Child introduced months ago? Does simply slowing down a sound make it original again? Was this intentional or a complete coincidence? We leave it up to you to decide.

Louis The Child has had multiple Hypem overall top 5’s and their “Body Gold Remix” reached #2 on Hypem overall. They have played large festivals all over the U.S.–Life In Color, EDC Vegas, Spring Awakening–and have opened for some huge artists, Flux Pavilion most notably. New originals are their main focus right now and their debut original EP will be out some time in 2015.

UPDATE 2/25/14 6:36pm EST: Sample credit has now been given on SoundCloud to Louis The Child

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 6.35.58 PM

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Photo Credit: Clay Kerr