Deadmau5‘s “Some Chords” is a timeless classic due to the beautiful chord progressions and enthralling production that the Toronto native put into the record.

Dillon Francis recently followed up with a monster of a remix fit for a more energetic style of DJing that has seen play at huge festivals and shows alike… but the remixing doesn’t stop there.

Beatport announced a competition to remix the Dillon Francis remix of the legendary track several weeks ago, and as expected hundreds upon hundreds of entries flooded in striving for the grand prize spot. Just two days ago judging closed and the winner, an 18 year old Toronto native with a mature production style and taste far beyond his years, was announced.

He goes by the name Andrei Stephen and has never released a record prior to this remix contest entry.

It’s hard to ask for a better first release than an official remix for Deadmau5 and Mau5trap, and even though the record hasn’t been released yet you can stream it here.

Prior to this undoubtedly massive release, we wanted to get an idea of what to expect for the future of young Andrei Stephen and where his tastes lie to prelude any live shows he might be playing down the line; so we asked him to curate a ten-track playlist of his current favorite jams exclusively for our readers. We highly suggest you start with his unique future-electro rendition of “Some Chords” before tackling this playlist so as to obtain a firmer grasp on Andrei’s vision.

He’s been producing in the shadows for nigh on three years now, but this is just the beginning. Check it out below.

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