DC based Des McMahon advertises himself as a “ginger dude who writes everything and anything”. After perusing his Soundcloud, I’d have to say that description is pretty spot on. In addition to drum & bass, the young producer has released tracks from a myriad of genres including trap, electro house, and moombahton – check out his collaboration with Tittsworth from 2012.

This month, Des McMahon put out his first entirely drum & bass EP on Ammunition Recordings, and it has definitely put Des on my radar. The two-track EP has also received ample airtime from Evol Intent‘s Evolcast, and I can’t wait to see it meshed into more dnb mixes. The opening track, aptly named “Hyperfocused,” is heavy and high-energy with complex progressive percussion and an echoing melody. With a subtle taste of liquid, it has earned a rightful place in my productivity playlist. The second track, titled “Dragonfly,” starts with a serene intro that transports you to a world where you can almost feel the dragonflies fluttering around. It then dives through some raw, dark percussion before eventually returning to the calm environment, and finishes with a gorgeous blend of the two.

The EP is available now on Beatport, and will be available on iTunes and all other outlets on March 9th. Listen below.