2015 is well on its way, bringing with it a slew of fresh, new talent and style. With the ever-rising popularity of EDM and the accessibility of music-making software, the age of some of the most prolific producers is getting younger and younger. One such artist is budding Virginia-native LZRD. At only 18 years old, this producer has already found his voice in the dance music scene and seems fated to host the main stage. His newest remix of Tom Swoon and Stadiumx‘s “Ghost” displays his love for progressive house and ability to flip even the most tender tracks into festival-worthy trap anthems.

The remix begins with the crisp, melancholy vocals of Rico & Miella untouched from the original. What initially feels like an epic, emotional sing-along quickly evolves into a simple yet visceral break, complete with rolling hi-hats and LZRD’s intoxicating musical personality. He includes a wide array of familiar samples, all uniquely contributing to the tight percussive elements that continue throughout the song.

Take a listen to the remix below, and be sure to grab the free download while you can!


Photo Credit: TheCollegeSound.com