In advance of their next epic endeavor, Wobbleland, Vital has presented us with the opportunity to give you allĀ a sneak peak at what what we can expect from one of their very own artists, Woolymammoth, at this weekends event. This banger of a remix is a flip of another Vital artist’s track who goes by the name of Jackal. You can also expect to see him behind the decks at this weekends upcoming massive, alongside a ridiculously large amount of talent. Both tracks are equally impressive in my opinion, but the second drop on this one locks it in as my favorite remix so far. We can’t wait to hear what else WoolyMammoth and the rest of these huge artists have in store for us this weekend. If you’re a Norcal basshead this is one event you do not want to miss out on, so grab this free download; and a ticket to the show if you don’t already have one!