The last time we featured Sacrifice was all the way back last year in September. “She Said” was this massively deep and grimey dubstep tune, with a sample from t.A.t.u. and it nearly broke my subwoofer.

This time around, we’ve got a hugely ambitious electronica/house tune titled “Lament of Innocence.” The sounds are incredibly deep and vivid, drawing you in with the subtle vocals samples and wavering bassline amidst curious and mysterious synths. The intro/build lasts for nearly three minutes before the wildly anthemic house beat kicks in. The silence just before the drop accentuates the complexity and energy of the main body of the track. Just when you think it’s over though, it comes back again and continues to build and build on this cinematic atmosphere that’s so engrossing. Clocking in at nearly seven minutes, this tune represents a return to the darker and truer side of progressive house. Appealing to ambient, progressive and electro fans alike, I don’t see anyone having something bad to say about “Lament of Innocence.”

Sacrifice is an artist I found through reddit, and like so many other indie producers, he has a really great sound with very little means of self-promotion. Help out Sacrifice by throwing this a Like/Repost on SoundCloud if you like it.