Electric Family and Krewella are closely tied. The two have worked together before on the Dance For Paralysis bracelets, and on January 19th they went and held a charity event at Santee High School in Los Angeles. The Do Good project? An inspiring mural that brought together kindhearted, like-minded people who are ready to help others at a moments notice. Would you believe it if I told you people flew out to LA just to donate their time? Because they did.

Footage from the event was taken and a recap video has been put together in hopes of inspiring other artists, and fans to do good. “Give more than you take,” is a creed taken straight from Electric Family’s Facebook cover photo. Many fans have no issue doing good, and some artists, like Pegboard Nerds who you will see in the video, don’t either. Be on the lookout for more Do Good events in the future as the positivity continues to spread.

Ps, Electric Family just dropped some new gear, and they have more on the way this week! Their website can be found here.