Ever since Tech legend Mark Sherry decided to launch his own ‘Tech Trance Revolution‘ campaign 4 months ago with the creation of his own Outburst Records imprint, Tech Trance has been steadily on the rise towards the end of 2014 and into 2015, with producers such as Sean Tyas, Alex Di Stefano, and Lostly taking a much darker turn in their own productions. Newer Trance artists such as 2nd Phase, Craig Meichan and Frank Dueffel have stormed onto the scene by using the label as a promising foothold and Sherry‘s insistence on all things Tech has immediately created a certain ‘Outburst‘ style that usually takes years to develop. A running theme throughout the numerous releases on Outburst Records is the revitalization of older Mark Sherry singles back when he was working with Detox Records, and tracks such as Live & Learn,  Here Comes The Drums and A Star Within A Star have all received fantastic reworks by some of the hottest names in Trance, including Harmonic Rush, JOC, Adam Ellis and Alex M.O.R.P.H. To continue this intriguing line of releases, Sherry has opened up another one of his classic Techno singles to two new remixes by Lostly and Tempo Giusto, and while we find the Lostly mix to be both interesting and groundbreaking in terms of elemental sound design, Tempo Giusto is well on his way to becoming one of the fiercest Tech Trance artists in the world. While many will be surprised at the talent this young lad contains, he is definitely no newbie to the scene, as blistering singles such as Blackout, Cartel, Benzin and Architekt have all broken through the superficiality of normal production values and has spiraled into the depths of insanity and misconduct.

Sherry is definitely well aware of Tempo‘s supreme Tech Trance craftsmanship, and has already invited him on his label with a joint collaboration with Jace Headland on Infiltrator, (with a burning remix by 2nd Phase). However, his new remix of Vengeance is corrosively chaotic in its wicked design; (even by Tempo Giusto‘s manic standards); and is a huge jump in sublime ingenuity and class production value. Storming in at a fiery 135BPM clip, it kicks off with a crunching sixteenth note bassline heavily fueled by sub bass and blippy subtlties as roaring, rowdy ‘zap‘ synths warp and twist the otherwise straightforward opening section with a burly attitude that isn’t afraid to throw his weight around. This ‘bully’ mentality is continued on when he substitutes the original synths for some gore inducing rhythmic textures that sends a greasy, almost messy kind of design as he smears the Tech paint all over the beautifully crisp, white canvas. During the breakdown, the familiar melodious interlude of Vengeance is slowly heard through a fresh eye with surprisingly harmonic and flowing colors, and his skills at slowly blending in different instruments clearly shows his masterful ability at crafting melodies. However, this is the daft sound of Outburst Records, and what we are looking for is complete madness within the final release; and Tempo does not disappoint as he rampantly and frantically builds and builds towards the final climax of the piece. Finally, he lets go of the reigns and lets a bomb goes off, as thunderously brutal basskicks are supplemented by clashing snare hits and squealing factory horn blares as complete pandemonium is set forth to instill fear and terror into even the most steeled of human resolve.

Tempo Giusto‘s rocking remix of Mark Sherry‘s Vengeance is out now on Outburst Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out Lostly‘s incredibly unusual remix under a new Tech Trance guise of Audio Militia!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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