Festy Besty is a clothing line inspired by and dedicated to music festival culture. Hailing from Northbrook, Illinois you may have already seen their amazing boutique at a couple of Chicago’s most revered festivals Spring Awakening and North Coast. Their recognition goes well beyond the Chicago festival circuit, they have also been happily brought on to outfit the attendees of Tomorrowworld, The Hudson Project, Suwanee Hulaween, CounterPoint, HangOut, and many more.

With so many well-known festivals choosing to bring on Festy Besty as one of their clothing vendors, I wanted to see if their garments and their halos truly lived up to the hype and also their price tag. If you’re like me you’re going into festival season 2015 on a massive budget, so preparation on your look is mandatory if you want to look great without breaking the bank.

BoHo Babydoll Dress $32.00


First of all… how freaking cute is this?! This babydoll is a perfect combination of modern festival attire with the hint of 60’s hippie our entire movement is based on. The fabric is light and airy, perfect for those warm summer music festival Saturdays. The fabric does take a little extra care if you want it to look its best after a wash. I have a steamer so smoothing things out wasn’t that big of a hassle.

Chunky Knit Cardigan $38.00


This bright coral colored cardigan is the perfect color for music festival fun. It’s comfortable, cute, and will certainly keep you warm when the sun goes down.

Festy Besty x Grassroots California Day Hat Strap-Back $42.00


We all know that Grassroots California makes the best music festival and artist-related hats ever. It is no surprise Festy Besty realized this and turned their genius onto their brand. What came out of their collaboration is the perfect, cute, girl’s strap-back. Simple, floral, bright, and obviously well-made, I would recommend this lid for any girl who rocks a style conducive for hat wearing.

Festy Tats $8.00


These tattoos are awesome and fit perfectly into the expressionate and fun music festival lifestyle. Festy Besty has so many more shapes and styles than you see pictured here and they are all awesome. Bright, shiny, and beautifully reflective in the sun light, these are a classy way to have a little fun with your body.

Hippy Pants $36.99


One of the best things about festivals is being able to wear fun pants like Festy Besty’s Hippy Pants. Light, airy, and very thin, these pants are comfortable even if it’s 85 degrees outside.

Mayan Gypsy Tunic $34.00


The light, breathable fabric of this garment makes it easy to wear even in hot conditions. The unique cut and shape of the tunic is the perfect way to add flare to your style and stand out from your friends. My steamer comes in handy again with this fabric as it can wrinkle really easy but, it’s so cute it’s worth the 5 minutes it takes to steam it into perfection.

Navajo Pullover $45.00


The Navajo Pullover hoodie is probably the only garment we product tested that we weren’t completely psyched with. The design is cute, the colors are used well, but the material is extremely thin which I saw as a downside to a hoodie. Also the design near the armpit of the garment that doesn’t follow suit with the rest of the Native American print didn’t vibe well with us. We found $45 to be an expensive price tag as well.

Stay Weird Tank $25.00


Love, love, love, LOVE this tank! Printed on an American Apparel-esque tank top, you already know the modern fit and soft fabric are perfect for a summer tank. Plus the design is so fitting to music festival humor.

And finally, last but certainly not least… these may be the most amazing things Festy Besty makes…

Halos $15-$25.00





Festy Besty Floral Halos and Clothing


Festy Besty Floral Halos and Clothing

Omg these are the cutest, best festival halos ever! The flowers are so pretty, the leather is so soft, everything about the design of these hippie headbands are top notch. I love that you can tie them as tight or as loose as you want; no more putting creases in your hair like tight elastic headbands do. They are so comfortable and so stylish and SO worth every penny! Best part about Festy Besty halos? You can also customize your own! You can chose what flowers you would like, how many you would like, what color leather you would like–it is great! You absolutely have to make your own here.

Final Thoughts


All in all we were really impressed with everything Festy Besty stands for and the garments they make. They are creating cute festival attire for a price that will not drain your wallet. Their halos are to die for, their taste is impeccable, and their prices are very fitting. Also a fun side note, it is a small company ran by the cutest couple whom you may have met if you have ever stopped by a booth. Paige, the owner, is also the totally hott girl modeling the clothes she helps design for every line–she is a woman of many talents! Festy Besty has so much going on for it and does so many things right. Definitely pick yourself up an item or two before festival season 2015!



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