In an age of homogeneous synths and overused loops, artists like The Gremlin provide hope for the future of EDM. With meticulously constructed sound design and a perfectly mastered sub-bass, he combines future bass with several wobbles in his new EP Late Night Love. Hailing from Fairfax, The Gremlin is trying to make a name in a genre full of producers who attempt to quell the negative stereotypes of EDM with original production.

The two-track EP opens with the title track: a graceful piece filled with vocal modulations and high plucks that keep your head slowly bobbing for the entirety of the song. While this work progresses on the lower-end of the BPM scale, the penetrating bass and intermittent “chillstep” wubs provide an environment with a pleasing groove. The second track, titled “7 AM“, supplies a very similar ambience. However, the breakdown in this piece centers more on The Gremlin’s clean sound design. With a slightly more upbeat tempo, the dubstep influence becomes more apparent as he utilizes his vast array of high-class synths.

Watch out for The Gremlin in the near future, as he is sure to produce masterful tracks like these with his undeniably proficient skills.


Source: Simplify Recordings